Sewing / Quilting Classes General Policy:

You will need to make a payment to reserve your spot. Please call or drop by in person to do so. The material list will be provided then. All the materials are available at the shop. It is best to bring your own sewing machine so that you are more comfortable using your own, but if you don't own one just yet, you can use one at the shop. You will also bring your basic sewing tools, such as pins and scissors. If you need to purchase any tools at Peapod while taking classes, you will get a 5 - 15% discount. Materials are not included in class fees unless noted.


The classes might be cancelled if the minimum number of people don't sign up. Then you will receive a full refund. The cancellation policy is as follows, and please note that there will be no exceptions.

Full refund - 7 days before the first session.

A half refund - 2 days before the first session.

No refund - 1 day before the first session.


Please feel free to ask if you have any questions. 415.731.3206 or



Granny Bag Classes


This is a perfect size for running errands around town.  Just grab your wallet and cell phone and jump in the car.   It is easier to make than it looks.  


Saturday May 18th 11am - finishing time depends on your sewing skills (maybe 4 hours?)

$60 (pattern included)
1 session
beginner to intermediate (basic machine sewing skills required)

Positively Plus Quilting Classes

Learn to quilt!

In these classes, you are making a lap quilt with lots of pluses, just like this in the photo while learning basics of quilt making from the start to finish. This is a simple, modern, and very positive quilt. See the pluses? It is perfect for the beginners. No worries about straight lines. It's already wonky anyway. No, you don't need to use exactly the same fabrics in the photo. You will choose your own prints and colors. Bring your own scraps if you want to bust your stash (100% cotton please)..

1st session Friday,  May 17th 12pm - 3pm 

2nd session Friday, May 24th 12pm - 3pm

3rd session Friday, May 31st 12pm - 3pm

3 sessions
$150 for total of 9 hours
beginning quilting

10-15% discounts on tools

Three essential tools for quilt making, a rotary cutter, a cutting mat, and a ruler, are strongly recommended to use in these classes. If you need to purchase them at Peapod, you will get a 10 % discount on an individual tool, or 15 % on all the three.

Needle Felting Workshop

Explore the fun of needle felting. We will be making adorable mushrooms and acorns with wool roving. It will be a part of your own woodland in your cozy space or you can make your own ornaments and home decorations after this class.

Instructor - Ryoko

Open Sewing - Japanese Children's Clothing Books

You know that there are so many beautiful Japanese sewing books out there, and chances are you might own one. But, you haven't tried to sew from the book because you don't read Japanese. Good news is that Peapod can help you. So bring your own book and choose a project you prefer to make. If you are not sure what to make yet, we will be making a smock shirt/dress just like this in the photo below. It could be short-sleeved, or long-sleeved depending on which you prefer. This is perfect for a very beginner who wants try garment sewing, especially if you have a little girl in your family to dress up for.

these books are available at Kinokuniya in Japan Town.


beginning sewing

This is basically a one-session class, but it might need more than one session depending on the project you choose, and the class fee will be adjusted accordingly.


Boxed Pouch Classes

These boxed pouches are very versatile. Sure, it could be a cosmetic bag, but it will be your best travel pouch with your other personal belongings in your suitcase. Or toss some snacks and drinks in as a lunch bag. The boxed bottom makes the pouch look more complicated to make, but it actually is not.

beginner to intermediate
In these classes, you will learn how to apply interfacing, an essential material for bag making. Also, sewing zipper will be no longer your fear after these classes.
Kids Sewing Classes and Birthday Party
Project and fee will be decided depend on the number and age of attendees. Please inquire for details.